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Printing Payables Aging Reports in Dynamics GP

Looking for new software? Check it out, Dynamics GP 2015 Trials Free Small Business Accounting Software Demo » There are various options you can use to get payables information out of Dynamics GP. You can use the standard reports, SmartLists, Excel, or another reporting tool that can access the SQL database. This video shows one […]

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Dynamics Reporting

    Dynamics includes a variety of reporting tools to help you manage your business for more profit. Dynamics gives you the tools to make reporting quick, easy, and useful. Whether you want up-to-the-minute information on key business indicators or you want to dig down and deeply analyze your business data, Dynamics makes it easy. Financial statements, […]

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Easy Ad Hoc Reporting from Project Accounting

Dynamics GP Project Accounting offers a tightly integrated project solution for organizations wanting to track costs by project, and then turn around and bill those costs to customers. Standard reporting available in Dynamics GP offers typical project reporting. But to really get some personalized reporting from Project Accounting you should look to SmartList Builder. Here […]

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Multicompany SmartLists in Dynamics GP

Effectively reporting information from multiple companies is a challenge for any organization that has multiple companies. Providing ad-hoc reporting functionality is very difficult. It generally takes a fair amount of training to get a user to the point where they can effectively navigate the ERP system to get the data they want. SmartLists in Dynamics GP has proven to […]

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SmartLists in Dynamics GP

User-friendly reporting can be an issue in almost any ERP system. ERP systems are great at storing data and processing transactions, but reporting can be a challenge. I heard a funny comment from a client once who said, “SAP R/3 is a place where data goes to die.” Dynamics GP provides a number of reporting tools that […]

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Simple Ad-hoc Reporting Tool in Dynamics GP

Processing and maintaining business transactions, and reporting are the two basic business functions of any ERP system. Many system are good at the first, not so good at the second. To make good use of your business information, you have to be able to easily and quickly get to the information you want. A lot […]

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Dynamics GP – SmartList Export Solutions

You can enhance the value of the basic SmartLists in Dynamics GP by linking macros within an Excel spreadsheet to a specific Smartlist. This will allow you to automate formatting wthin the spreadsheet when you export data from SmartLists to Excel. For example, if you wanted to export SmartList data to Excel and then have Excel automatically […]

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SmartList Export Solutions

If you’re using SmartLists on a regular basis to report on information in Dynamics GP, you’ll want to learn how to use the Export Solutions functionality within SmartLists to add charts, pivot tables, calculated fields, and additional formatting to your data. Export Solutions allows you to run an Excel spreadsheet macro on the data that […]

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