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Cloud security is the number one concern of most businesses when switching to a hosted Dynamics GP solution. visit myGPcloud.com to find out more.

Data security still relies on people

One of the scenes that we see play out in movies over and over again is the one where one character is assigned to keep watch while the other characters sleep, rob a bank, or do whatever the situation calls for.  And without fail the one assigned to be look-out falls asleep or gets distracted […]

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Field Level Security in Dynamics GP

Security and control of access to system data and functionality is one of the main reasons people migrate from Quickbooks to a mid-range ERP system. Dynamics GP provides basic security by allowing or restricting access to specific screens. These specific rights are combined into various roles which are typically assigned to each user as needed. […]

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myGPcloud Mobile for Windows Phone 7 – KPI Security Access

Before a mobile user can begin using the application, the myGPcloud Primary User must grant KPI Access. 1)      Browse to http://www.mygpcloud.com/ 2)      Log into the site as the Primary User Primary User has access to additional functionality under “Account Management”: Please click on the View/Disable Users link     3)      You should now be on […]

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