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Say no to Shadow IT: Deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down

It’s an image that every IT professional cringes at—a salesperson or sales manager pulling out a credit card and subscribing to customer relationship management or other cloud-based solution without any having a conversation with the IT department first.  This best way to prevent this from happening is for the IT managers and executives need to […]

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Seven most visited ERP blog posts

If the adoption rates of cloud ERP have been steadily increasing, then interest in cloud ERP on-demand has exploded.  With all the buzz surrounding cloud-based technologies and with small businesses now entering the fray of enterprise resource planning, people are consuming a lot of information and seeking out tips and advice on ERP.  So with […]

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Cloud ERP: The truth is out there

One of the great things about the world of blogging is that it opened up a new platform for idea exchange and debate.  Not all of it is helpful, but there are a lot of interesting discussions and arguments about where computing is headed, how cloud ERP is changing enterprise and the way we think about […]

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Historical views on ERP

The history of enterprise resource planning is a long one with plenty of ups and downs.  Cloud computing and ERP on-demand are just the latest incarnation of ERP delivery.  While the cloud has re-spurred the world of ERP by opening it up to smaller organization, it is only part of the story.  Erik Kimberling of […]

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ERP on-demand and effective supply chain

Accurate and effective measurement of supply chains is one the most critical steps toward reducing inefficiency within an organization.  But to get a proper measurement businesses need current and helpful technical systems in place, and ERP on-demand is the most modern and efficient technology available. In a recent article softwarethinktank.com discusses some of the criteria […]

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ERP on-demand harnesses data power for SMBs

Data has become a hot button issue throughout every part of the tech world.  The internet has helped create such a massive amount of data that only about one percent of the world’s data are being processed or analyzed.  A lot of experts are predicting that new industries will emerge in an effort to harness […]

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Winds of change for cloud computing-2012

A few years ago, when “cloud computing” became a part of the vernacular, it was heralded as the next evolution in computing.  Of course not everyone agreed with this.  Despite early fears and naysaying cloud computing—and an understanding of cloud computing—has finally reached a level where it is a safe to say predictions were right. […]

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