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Dynamics GP allows for businesses to easily analyze and manage accounts receivable, including printing aging reports, cash receipts, and more.

Dynamics GP Customer Class

Customer classes allow you to segregate your customer base for easier data entry, reporting, and update. You should have at least one customer class set up, and every customer should be assigned to a class. When you’re adding a new customer, you can merely add that customer to a Customer Class, and that new customer will inherit all of the […]

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Dynamics GP Cash Receipts

Being able to quickly and accurately apply cash receipts to your customers’ outstanding invoices is  a key element in controlling cash in your organization and managing your working capital for maximum effectiveness. These are some of the features to look for: Allow for easily writing off small balances within an authorized tolerance to clean up your aging and avoid […]

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Control Your Customer Master File

Dynamics GP has a simple way to control you master file and make it useful in your business. These are some of the standard features and benefits that will help you stay in touch with your customers and keep you customer records consistent: Allow for multiple customer addresses so you can accurately record your customers’ various business locations and ensure accurate deliveries […]

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Order to Cash Cycle

The basic order to cash cycle can be represented as this image shows: Managing the order to cash cycle effectively helps you improve your working capital position. There are a number of specific areas to focus on that can really improve your cash cycle: Promptly and accurately enter sales orders into your ERP system, and immediately schedule them for fulfillment and […]

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Using Collections Management in Dynamics GP

The Collections Management module in Dynamics GP is not widely used, and that is perplexing. The Collections Management module can assist you in managing your accounts receivable, to improve cash flow and reduce delinquent accounts. The module includes features that allow you to easily and quickly respond to your customers’ requests, and to document your […]

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