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Dynamics GP 2013 Purchase Order Processing Receipt Tolerance

Dynamics 2013 finally includes the functionality to control purchase order receipts more closely by allowing you to specify minimum and maximum receiving tolerances. Minimum Tolerance – If you receive under the minimum quantity amount, the purchase order will remain open. If you receive above the minimum quantity tolerance the purchase order line will close. Maximum […]

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Dynamics GP Purchase Order Entry

Recording purchase commitments is one of the first steps in controlling your procurement process. Dynamics GP includes a flexible purchase order system that you can easily use in your business. For drop shipments to your customers, the Purchase Order module is connected to the Sales Order Processing module to speed up and control that type […]

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Dynamics GP Purchase to Pay Cycle

The purchase to pay cycle in Dynamics GP includes the functionality that will allow you to control and manage your purchasing and cash processes. The major components of this cycle in Dynaamics GP include: Add vendors Enter purchase orders Purchase order receipts Receipts invoicing Payables aging Writing checks This summary sheet gives you access to […]

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Purchase to Pay Cycle

The basic purchase to pay cycle can be represented as this image below: Managing the purchase to pay cycle effectively will help you improve your working capital position. These are some of the things you can do to improve your cash cycle: Commit to purchases and delivery dates that match your real requirements. Don’t schedule […]

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Purchase Order Generator in Dynamics GP

The PO Generator functionality in Dynamics GP assists in purchase planning by suggesting purchase orders that need to be placed to meet current demand and inventory stocking requirements. There are a couple of setups that need to be made for each item so that this function will work properly. For each item, you will want to go to the […]

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Dynamics GP Sales and Purchasing Document E-mailing

Submitting business documents to your various business partners in a timely manner can be a challenge for any company. Sending sales invoices and purchase orders by mail is a cumbersome and slow process, and it’s easy to omit key documents; impairing communication. If your customers and vendors have unique document format requirements, this only adds to the effort involved. Ideally your […]

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Purchase Order Processing in Dynamics GP

Most of the challenges in maintaining a well controlled purchasing process can be met by using an integrated purchase order system. There are several attributes to a good system that should be sought: There should be a three point receipt process that matches a receipt to an approved purchase order, and matches the vendor’s invoice […]

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Using Word to Create Your Business Forms in Dynamics GP

The business documents you use to communicate with your business partners need to reflect the quality of your business. Having a shabby looking customer invoice can undo the hard work you’ve put into establishing your relationships with your customers. Insist that your business forms present the best image of your business to your business partners. […]

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