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Let Microsoft Dynamics project accounting solutions help organizations easily implement more efficient project accounting practices.

What to consider about project accounting software online for SMBs

Whether you are a technology consultant, financial services firm or contractor, projects are what drive your business.  Everyone knows that even projects that seem like a sure thing can come apart because of cash flow problems or other accounting hurdles.  But sophisticated project accounting software online is available to growing firms, even those with limited […]

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Easy Ad Hoc Reporting from Project Accounting

Dynamics GP Project Accounting offers a tightly integrated project solution for organizations wanting to track costs by project, and then turn around and bill those costs to customers. Standard reporting available in Dynamics GP offers typical project reporting. But to really get some personalized reporting from Project Accounting you should look to SmartList Builder. Here […]

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Fixed Fee Project Accounting in Dynamics GP

Fixed fee projects present several accounting and system issues. Revenue recognition is the primary accounting issue. Systems integration is the primary system issue. Revenue recognition for a fixed fee project can easily become complex. Almost from the first day of any project there will be differences in the amount invoiced, the amount of expenses, the amount of […]

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Project Based Time & Materials in Dynamics GP

If you run a project based company that needs to collect project expense information and then turn around and bill it to your customers, you probably are using several different systems to accomplish these tasks. Your timesheet system is different than your project tracking system, and different  from your accounting system; with no real true integration between the systems. […]

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Project Accounting in Dynamics GP

I recorded some overview videos for Dynamics GP Project Accounting to provide an introduction to some of the scope and functionality of the system.  I covered these topics: Project Accounting – T&M; –  This video shows how to use Project Accounting in Dynamics GP to set up a simple T&M; project, enter timesheet information, and create […]

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