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Accurately tracking and recording company payables with Dynamics GP has never been easier. Try a free 30 day hosted trial today.

Dynamics GP Check Printing

This is a basic process in Dynamics GP and there are a couple of ways to manage check processing. you can create a batch of invoices to pay based on various selection criteria that select invoice from your entire payables list. But you can also go vendor by vendor, and select the individual invoices you want to […]

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Printing Payables Aging Reports in Dynamics GP

Looking for new software? Check it out, Dynamics GP 2015 Trials Free Small Business Accounting Software Demo » There are various options you can use to get payables information out of Dynamics GP. You can use the standard reports, SmartLists, Excel, or another reporting tool that can access the SQL database. This video shows one […]

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Adding Vendors in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP allows you to control the addition of vendors to your vendor master file. You can set up vendors to simplify accounting and payables purchasing transactions. You can specify settings for 1099 reporting that greatly simplify the accounting for and reporting of payments made to 1099 vendors. You can specify Vendor Classes to organize vendors for […]

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Purchase to Pay Cycle

The basic purchase to pay cycle can be represented as this image below: Managing the purchase to pay cycle effectively will help you improve your working capital position. These are some of the things you can do to improve your cash cycle: Commit to purchases and delivery dates that match your real requirements. Don’t schedule […]

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1099 Processing in Dynamics GP

Setting up, processing and reporting for 1099 payments is easy in Dynamics GP. There are basically three steps: Set up the vendor and identify as a 1099 vendor Process payables transactions to record the 1099 amounts, and issue checks Run the routine 1099 reports and adjust 1099 amounts if needed Vendors can easily be identified as 1099 vendors in […]

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Vendors, Payables Invoices, and Checks in Dynamics GP

There are two main functions that almost everyone wants from an ERP system: decent financial reporting and an easy to use way to control and process accounts payable. Control of accounts payable includes these concerns: Security to system access and functionality Supervisory control over transaction processing Data entry edit and validation controls Cash requirements reporting […]

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EFT for Payables with Dynamics GP

Sending payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) is becoming increasingly popular. It’s popular for several reasons: Reduces opportunity for fraud Reduces expense for check stock and printing/mailing supplies Reduces the amount of time related to processing payments Payees generally like it better There are three steps to take if you want to implement EFT payments […]

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Dynamics GP Accounts Payable Setup

Setting up the Accounts Payable module in Dynamics GP is straight forward. There are a few areas you will want to make sure meet your business requirements: You can set up aging periods as you wish, using up to 7 buckets. You can always change these in the future if you want. Make sure that the […]

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