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Cloud ERP: The truth is out there

One of the great things about the world of blogging is that it opened up a new platform for idea exchange and debate.  Not all of it is helpful, but there are a lot of interesting discussions and arguments about where computing is headed, how cloud ERP is changing enterprise and the way we think about […]

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Accelerate Time to Value Benefit of Hosted ERP

      When you host your ERP system in the cloud, your time to realize a positive ROI is reduced significantly. Some of the benefits that produce a quick time to value are: No equipment specification or acquisition You don’t have to worry about server and network hardware. It’s provided by the hosting company. […]

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7 Benefits of ERP Hosting for IT

    IT managers are sometimes the most difficult to convince when it comes to moving an accounting system to an ERP cloud environment. But our clients realize many benefits when they make the move: Management of the OS, service packs, and security User add/change/delete services Infrastructure updates done in off-hours Continuous systems monitoring Stay […]

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Dynamics GP General Accounting

    Dynamics GP offers very robust general accounting functionality. When it comes time for analysis, review, and adjustment, Dynamics GP makes it easy to get your work done. These are some of the basic functions that will help you on a daily basis and at the period end: General Journal entry to make adjusting […]

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Dynamics Reporting

    Dynamics includes a variety of reporting tools to help you manage your business for more profit. Dynamics gives you the tools to make reporting quick, easy, and useful. Whether you want up-to-the-minute information on key business indicators or you want to dig down and deeply analyze your business data, Dynamics makes it easy. Financial statements, […]

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8 Benefits of ERP Hosting for Finance

    These are some of the benefits that companies realize when they move their accounting systems into the ERP cloud:   Pay for what you use Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles Adjust functionality as you need it Accelerate time to value No equipment specification or acquisition Minimal setup […]

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Purchase to Pay Cycle

The basic purchase to pay cycle can be represented as this image below: Managing the purchase to pay cycle effectively will help you improve your working capital position. These are some of the things you can do to improve your cash cycle: Commit to purchases and delivery dates that match your real requirements. Don’t schedule […]

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