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A fully customizable online accounting solution through Dynamics GP offers all the necessary functions to keep business running smoothly.

Accounting Apps Online | ERP for all Business Sizes

With the trend toward mobility snowballing every year, being successful and maintaining an advantage in rapidly changing business landscape requires the responsive business processes and systems that only cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can deliver. If you are new to ERP,  pre-configured cloud accounting apps online are a simple way to get started.  If […]

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ERP on-demand and collaberation: Keys to growth

Collaboration among employees is a key factor for small to mediums sized businesses who want to grow.  When everybody is on the same page and working toward the same goal improving and growing the business is a much more likely proposition.  And implementing the right software solution like ERP on-demand will help you get there. […]

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Avoid ERP overload

ERP implementations are often rife with peril.  It doesn’t matter if you are adopting an on-premise or cloud ERP solution, it is going to be a very big project.  One of the things to avoid during the whole process is letting the project get bigger than it needs to be.  This is a great step […]

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Cloud ERP: The truth is out there

One of the great things about the world of blogging is that it opened up a new platform for idea exchange and debate.  Not all of it is helpful, but there are a lot of interesting discussions and arguments about where computing is headed, how cloud ERP is changing enterprise and the way we think about […]

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Historical views on ERP

The history of enterprise resource planning is a long one with plenty of ups and downs.  Cloud computing and ERP on-demand are just the latest incarnation of ERP delivery.  While the cloud has re-spurred the world of ERP by opening it up to smaller organization, it is only part of the story.  Erik Kimberling of […]

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10 signs it’s time to move to cloud ERP

As Facebook reached a billion users in 2012, we are increasingly moving toward a digital lifestyle.  In fact for many people out of that billion, the majority of their social life takes place online.  The good news for business is that the growth of digital media and cloud computing has made it possible for start-ups […]

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No Additional Consulting Costs for Service Packs and Upgrades Benefit of Hosted ERP

      Service packs and patches for infrastructure and application software applied as part of hosting agreement Hosting providers of hosted ERP systems will generally keep your system current and optimized with applicable service packs and hot fixes applied as part of your regular hosting agreement. This means that your systems will be running […]

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Pay for What You Use Benefit of Hosted ERP

        Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles Whether your business grows or shrinks because of seasonal cycles, economic cycles, or structural changes, hosting your ERP system allows you to match your IT outlay for systems to your business’s needs. Because you are making no large upfront investment […]

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