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Cloud Business Intelligence into Profit

A cloud ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics provides business intelligence that is affordable, scalable and portable.  The world’s business data is growing at an astounding rate.  But being able to extract value from this data is the real benefit of cloud business intelligence. Recently an article at cloudtimes.org discusses how it is possible to turn […]

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ERP on-demand and effective supply chain

Accurate and effective measurement of supply chains is one the most critical steps toward reducing inefficiency within an organization.  But to get a proper measurement businesses need current and helpful technical systems in place, and ERP on-demand is the most modern and efficient technology available. In a recent article softwarethinktank.com discusses some of the criteria […]

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No Additional Consulting Costs for Service Packs and Upgrades Benefit of Hosted ERP

      Service packs and patches for infrastructure and application software applied as part of hosting agreement Hosting providers of hosted ERP systems will generally keep your system current and optimized with applicable service packs and hot fixes applied as part of your regular hosting agreement. This means that your systems will be running […]

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Pay for What You Use Benefit of Hosted ERP

        Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles Whether your business grows or shrinks because of seasonal cycles, economic cycles, or structural changes, hosting your ERP system allows you to match your IT outlay for systems to your business’s needs. Because you are making no large upfront investment […]

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When the Transaction’s Ready, Post It

  Transactions in an accounting system represent a detailed record of your business activities. These detailed records are regularly selected, sorted, and summarized to provide information for you to run your business. If you don’t post your transactions on a timely basis, you’re getting incomplete information. To make sure you’re getting the best information, make […]

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Managed Backups Benefits of Hosted ERP

      Daily full backups You need full daily backups for your hosted ERP system. Incremental backups don’t cut it. At some point you will want the backups to be stored off-site, away from the datacenter. Databases, code files, customizations, users’ files Backing up only the database is not sufficient. You must also back […]

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