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The workers the power to quickly and easily create, generate and secure financial information instantly using management reporter from Dynamics GP.

Management Reporter Simple Income Statement Report

Management Reporter is the standard financial report writer for Microsoft Dynamics. It is the successor to FRx. It looks almost identical to FRx. So if you know FRx you will have little problem in using Management Reporter. It’s relatively easy to create a new report in Management Reporter. You can use the Wizard (video here) or just create one […]

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Dynamics Reporting

    Dynamics includes a variety of reporting tools to help you manage your business for more profit. Dynamics gives you the tools to make reporting quick, easy, and useful. Whether you want up-to-the-minute information on key business indicators or you want to dig down and deeply analyze your business data, Dynamics makes it easy. Financial statements, […]

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Management Reporter Drilldown Functionality

You can easily drilldown from a Management Reporter financial report to view additional detail information at a general ledger account level and general ledger transaction level. This allows you to easily begin your analysis process directly from your financial reports. It also allows consumers of financial reports to more easily perform some analysis on their […]

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Combining Management Reporter and Dynamics GP Information in Dashboards

Financial report information that is generated using Management Reporter can be combined with other types of information from Dynamics GP to provide easy to create and easy to update dashboards using Excel. The benefit of this is that financial actual and budget information is easily provided using Management Reporter. And other information from Dynamics GP can easily be retrieved using SmartLists […]

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Management Reporter Report Viewer for Dynamics GP

Disseminating financial reports to non-erp system users extends the value of your system and provides an important management tool to the people that can most benefit from it. Management Reporter is the successor to FRx and contains essentially the same functionality as FRx. It is a fully configurable financial reporting tool that allows you to easily query information from your general ledger and […]

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Management Reporter Report Wizard

The easiest way to get started with Management Reporter is to create a new report using the Management Reporter Report Wizard. By doing this you will get a P&L Statement or a Balance Sheet with about five minutes of work. You will get a row format, column layout, and reporting tree (if you want) that you can […]

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