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Growing Small Business | BI, the cloud and why they matter

What are the real cost benefits of moving to the cloud, and what’s so great about the cloud for a growing small business? Is business intelligence really better in the cloud? Does the cloud really matter when it comes to business intelligence? Using the cloud to power business intelligence and other critical apps often allows […]

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3 ways to make lean planning better for small businesses

There are ways to make lean planning work better for small businesses. Almost by definition, a small business is generally a lean operation. However, if the business owner and top managers are working sixty or seventy hours a week, that isn’t really lean.  It’s just painful. Looking for new software? Check out this article, Payroll Software for Small […]

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Using Microsoft CRM for Non Profit

Using customer relationship management to manage donations and fundraising is a great way for non profit organizations to stay efficient and improve engagement with their community and donors. Check out how this emergency services organization is using Microsoft CRM for non profit. myGPcloud is a cloud based Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software online. You can […]

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Project accounting software must-haves

The days when project accounting software was only used by large-scale enterprises are long gone.  Truth be told, more and more small and mid-size organizations have found major benefits from deploying project management software.  Thanks to cloud computing and other advancements in information technology, project accounting software is accessible to business of all sizes.  But with new […]

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