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New horizons for IT in the cloud

  A 2012 Standish Group study surveyed US businesses and found that most respondents feel 50% of all IT projects are a waste of money.  A recent blog on the subject of cloud solution implementation strategy at mdsn.com listed a few other gruesome statistics that detail current perceptions of IT in the business world. With […]

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Psychology and cloud adoption

Cloud computing technology is being adopted in ever increasing numbers, yet uneasy feelings continue to be pervasive about data storage and other security sensitive areas of the cloud.  This seems especially true among executive teams when it comes to business solutions like ERP cloud computing.  The truth is that these fears have more to do […]

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Managed Backups Benefits of Hosted ERP

      Daily full backups You need full daily backups for your hosted ERP system. Incremental backups don’t cut it. At some point you will want the backups to be stored off-site, away from the datacenter. Databases, code files, customizations, users’ files Backing up only the database is not sufficient. You must also back […]

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Do You Trust the Numbers?

    When you use your accounting system to analyze your business, do you trust the numbers? Do you believe the financial statements, the inventory valuation, the receivables aging? If you don’t, why are you even bothering with the whole thing anyway? Whether your accounting system is easy to maintain, or takes a bit of […]

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Accelerate Time to Value Benefit of Hosted ERP

      When you host your ERP system in the cloud, your time to realize a positive ROI is reduced significantly. Some of the benefits that produce a quick time to value are: No equipment specification or acquisition You don’t have to worry about server and network hardware. It’s provided by the hosting company. […]

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Scalability Benefits of Hosted ERP

        Systems tailored to each customer’s requirements Hosted ERP systems are continuously monitored for performance and should be tailored to meet your requirements. As your system requirements increase your system infrastructure should be modified by adding hardware, e.g. additional memory, additional storage. A complete change out to new hardware may be needed, […]

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7 Benefits of ERP Hosting for IT

    IT managers are sometimes the most difficult to convince when it comes to moving an accounting system to an ERP cloud environment. But our clients realize many benefits when they make the move: Management of the OS, service packs, and security User add/change/delete services Infrastructure updates done in off-hours Continuous systems monitoring Stay […]

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8 Benefits of ERP Hosting for Finance

    These are some of the benefits that companies realize when they move their accounting systems into the ERP cloud:   Pay for what you use Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles Adjust functionality as you need it Accelerate time to value No equipment specification or acquisition Minimal setup […]

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