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Solving the worlds problems with mobile

When discussing cloud and mobile environments and any other tech subject, it is tempting to stay focused on emerging technology and things like new delivery models, collaboration, data storage,  and any number of very “technical tech issues”.  It is actually easy to overlook the social implications behind technology improvements.  Like solving the worlds’ problems with […]

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Seven most visited ERP blog posts

If the adoption rates of cloud ERP have been steadily increasing, then interest in cloud ERP on-demand has exploded.  With all the buzz surrounding cloud-based technologies and with small businesses now entering the fray of enterprise resource planning, people are consuming a lot of information and seeking out tips and advice on ERP.  So with […]

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Mobile is here, but who’s managing it?

As more and more people are predicting the end of days for the hardwired PC, mobile computing is gradually becoming the standard.  This happened in the blink of an eye, and believe it or not employees are already using their mobile devices to access data, manage projects, and connect teams according to a recent article […]

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The new era of ERP

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops—the modern workforce has become pretty good at the technology juggling act.  In keeping up with this, the new era of ERP has arrived. There is no question the past few years have been transformative for technology and communications, and enterprise IT is no exception.  As the consumer market demands mobility, real […]

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The future is now with cloud computing

Predicting the future can be a tricky business, but when it comes to the future of enterprise there is more to it than tarot cards and tea leaves.  And sometimes all you have to do is read the writing on the wall.  Well Gartner recently named the ten IT trends and technologies that will have […]

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Psychology and cloud adoption

Cloud computing technology is being adopted in ever increasing numbers, yet uneasy feelings continue to be pervasive about data storage and other security sensitive areas of the cloud.  This seems especially true among executive teams when it comes to business solutions like ERP cloud computing.  The truth is that these fears have more to do […]

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7 Benefits of ERP Hosting for IT

    IT managers are sometimes the most difficult to convince when it comes to moving an accounting system to an ERP cloud environment. But our clients realize many benefits when they make the move: Management of the OS, service packs, and security User add/change/delete services Infrastructure updates done in off-hours Continuous systems monitoring Stay […]

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8 Benefits of ERP Hosting for Finance

    These are some of the benefits that companies realize when they move their accounting systems into the ERP cloud:   Pay for what you use Adjust user counts as you need, to match your business cycles Adjust functionality as you need it Accelerate time to value No equipment specification or acquisition Minimal setup […]

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