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Dynamics GP Inventory Transactions

The Dynamics GP Inventory Control module largely works in the background. It has tight integrations to purchase orders, sales orders, vendors, and the general ledger. The inventory transactions generated by and for these modules happens automatically. However there are a few Inventory Control transactions that are used independently of these other modules. Basically these are […]

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Dynamics GP Inventory Items

Dynamics GP allows you to add inventory items to track physical items and non-stock items. Creating an item record for non-stock items is handy because you can: include an extended description add pricing schedules identify specific GL account numbers for transaction processing If your tracking inventory quantities, you have 5 inventory valuation methods to choose […]

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Dynamics GP Series Post

Dynamics GP Series Post allows you to see all pending batches in each functional area in GP. The functional areas would be Purchasing, Sales, Financial, etc. Batch posting in Dynamics GP can be a slight mystery for new users. The Series Post options in each area can be helpful to review the statuses of batches […]

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Management Reporter Simple Income Statement Report

Management Reporter is the standard financial report writer for Microsoft Dynamics. It is the successor to FRx. It looks almost identical to FRx. So if you know FRx you will have little problem in using Management Reporter. It’s relatively easy to create a new report in Management Reporter. You can use the Wizard (video here) or just create one […]

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Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership for Your Software

by Derek Singleton , Software Advice As Cloud technologies continue to evolve, more and more software buyers are seriously evaluating software as a service (SaaS) solutions against on-premise offerings. While there are many factors that influence which deployment model is best for any particular business (e.g., ability to manage IT internally and speed of deployment) the […]

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DOD and Mobile enterprise solutions

The concept of mobile computing has recently become a popular topic for enterprise IT with tablets, mini-laptops and smart phones making a splash in the personal use market over the past five years.  Like everything else in the tech world, a snazzy acronym had to be assigned to performing work functions on a tablet—enter BYOD.  […]

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Say no to Shadow IT: Deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down

It’s an image that every IT professional cringes at—a salesperson or sales manager pulling out a credit card and subscribing to customer relationship management or other cloud-based solution without any having a conversation with the IT department first.  This best way to prevent this from happening is for the IT managers and executives need to […]

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