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things to expect from an erp solution

Top 8 things to expect from an ERP solution

Maybe your business has grown and now your entry-level accounting software is not getting the job done.  Or perhaps you have trouble with inventory accuracy or productivity is not where it needs to be or your current system are just outdated.  Whatever the reason, you are on the path to find a new business management […]

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Data security still relies on people

One of the scenes that we see play out in movies over and over again is the one where one character is assigned to keep watch while the other characters sleep, rob a bank, or do whatever the situation calls for.  And without fail the one assigned to be look-out falls asleep or gets distracted […]

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DOD and Mobile enterprise solutions

The concept of mobile computing has recently become a popular topic for enterprise IT with tablets, mini-laptops and smart phones making a splash in the personal use market over the past five years.  Like everything else in the tech world, a snazzy acronym had to be assigned to performing work functions on a tablet—enter BYOD.  […]

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The power of offsite data storage

Early in his career Earnest Hemmingway famously lost a suitcase that contained everything he had ever written up to that point.  The documents were never recovered and he was forced to start from scratch rebuilding his body of work.  While Hemmingway’s career survived the setback, losing critical business data can be a harrowing experience.  That’s […]

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Realizing the real benefit of ERP on-demand

There are a lot of reasons why companies seek out ERP cloud solutions.  The ultimate goal for most implementation projects is to gain an edge on your competitors.  This means anything from streamlining inventory management to improving accuracy in the books. It makes every employee’s life easier by improving efficiency and collaboration, which will lead […]

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