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What to consider about project accounting software online for SMBs

Whether you are a technology consultant, financial services firm or contractor, projects are what drive your business.  Everyone knows that even projects that seem like a sure thing can come apart because of cash flow problems or other accounting hurdles.  But sophisticated project accounting software online is available to growing firms, even those with limited […]

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Cash Flow Management for Manufacturing – Cash Rules All

Support your mission critical operations, turn margins into cash and create a more sustainable operation with cash flow management in a cloud based environment. US manufacturing has seen steady growth in the last four years thanks to low wage growth, sustained productivity gains, stable exchange rates, and a big energy-cost advantage, according to an article […]

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Cash Flow Forecast in Dynamics GP

Cash is king. And knowing where you stand at any moment is important information. The generally understood benefit of an ERP system is that it helps you control your business processes and assets, and reports on the past, present, and future. Having a snapshot of your current cash position is important to effectively manage your […]

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