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DOD and Mobile enterprise solutions

The concept of mobile computing has recently become a popular topic for enterprise IT with tablets, mini-laptops and smart phones making a splash in the personal use market over the past five years.  Like everything else in the tech world, a snazzy acronym had to be assigned to performing work functions on a tablet—enter BYOD.  […]

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Five risks of unchecked BYOD

Mobility is here and that is a fact.  In December I wrote a blog about the fact that the mobile workplace has evolved organically as mobile and social markets have grown for personal use.  A lot of people talk about BYOD policies in terms of whether or not it should be practiced, but the truth […]

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Mobile is here, but who’s managing it?

As more and more people are predicting the end of days for the hardwired PC, mobile computing is gradually becoming the standard.  This happened in the blink of an eye, and believe it or not employees are already using their mobile devices to access data, manage projects, and connect teams according to a recent article […]

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