Hosted Dynamics GP Services

Our a la carte Services

We understand that if you are going to run your business using myGPcloud, you may request some additional services from time to time. Below is a list of our a la carte services that are available to our hosted dynamics GP customers as needed. To request these services, please fill out the support request and a service representative will contact you for further assistance. Support for the below listed items are available from 8am EST to 8pm EST, Monday – Friday.

Choose a la Carte Services


Application Support Services

Service Fee
Technical Support Incidents (per incident)* $150.00 per incident
Call Packs – 5 $695.00
Call Packs – 10 $1,350.00
Call Packs – 15 $1,950.00
Call Packs – 20 $2,500.00
Unlimited Support – Business Essentials(plus) $3,250.00
Unlimited Support – Advanced Management(plus) 1 -10 users $4,250.00
Unlimited Support – Advanced Management(plus) 10+ users $5,000.00

*Five free technical support incidents are granted to each customer on the onset of the subscription.

Technical Services

Service Fee
Additional Backup – per backup $199.00
Database Restore $199.00
Database Creation $199.00
Backup for shipment to customer $250.00
Reinstall of database (clean install) $150.00
Clean installation of TEST Company $150.00
Copy of live database – transferred to TEST $150.00
Additional Gigs of storage $10 per GIG over 5 Gigs
Additional Databases (monthly) per database * $50.00
Citrix client installation – for MAC users $25.00 per month- covers all users

*Each customer company receives two databases: TEST and production. Up to five additional production databases can be procured under this offering.

Consulting Technical Services

Service Fee
Import of Chart of Accounts $450.00
Import of Vendor Master and Customer Master Files $900.00
Import of Inventory Master Files $450.00
Import of Bill of Materials $900.00
Import of Fixed Asset Files $600.00
Import of Trial Balance – per year $450.00
Import of General Ledger Transactions – per year $600.00
Import of Open Payables $600.00
Import of Open Receivables $600.00
Import of Open Sales Orders $600.00
Import of Open Purchase Orders $600.00
Import of Outstanding Checks for Bank Reconciliation $450.00
Customized Checks/Sales Order/Purchase Orders $150.00 – $500.00
Quickbooks data conversion services Available Call for Quote
Peachtree data conversion services Available Call for Quote
Fixed Fee Implementations See Details

All import services will require the customer to compile data in predefined Excel templates. Customer is responsible for the accuracy and quality of the data conversion. Lead times on imports will vary by volume and detail of transactions.

Additional Terms and Conditions: All calls will be responded to in two hours or less. Response time does not guarantee resolution. Response guarantee pertains to the time in which the technician gathers the information and begins working on the case. All Microsoft Dynamics GP hosted support incidents are assigned a case number. Our definition of a support incident is: one issue brought up with a support engineer. Any further assistance needed with the issue is considered an ongoing incident. Multiple calls or emails may be required to solve an ongoing incident. Any additional calls or emails required to solve an ongoing issue with an assigned case number are included in the initial charge. If any new, unrelated support incidents arise while working on an ongoing issue, those will be considered a new incident. It will be assigned a separate case number and charged appropriately. myGPcloud reserves the right to appropriately consider certain support incidents outside the scope of technical support. Prices are subject to change without notice.