Accommodating Your Growth

We recognize that our customers are unique and diverse in their specific application needs, therefore we provide each customer with a growth path which will enable them to continue to increase and expand on the core functionality of our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 hosted solution. If your company’s growth plans include the need to integrate with externally created systems or industry specific applications, myGPcloud(Pro) is our offering with your expansion in mind. We will expertly move your database including any customizations with minimal downtime from our multi-tenant environment to a dedicated server platform which will allow you to integrate and grow your application even further. Customers who migrate to our dedicated environment experience growth in the following areas:

  • Ability to procure additional Microsoft Dynamics GP a la carte modules.
  • Integration to solutions for Sales Tax calculation and reporting.
  • Integrations to other CRM applications such as
  • Integration to Microsoft Office SharePoint Services.
  • Integration to Point of Sales applications.
  • Extensive storage needs for document imaging and storage.

For more information on how can grow your solution in our environment, contact or see our services under myGPcloud(Pro).

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