Wholesale Distribution Case Study – Dynamics GP Cloud

Business Needs

SpectrumArt Corporation built a business by keeping up with fast-moving trends in consumer tastes and interior design. But keeping up with steady declines in spending at both the wholesale and consumer levels has proven to be a more difficult challenge. Faced with plummeting sales in the wake of the recession, the company, which prints lithographs of original art and photography and sells in volume to wholesalers and framers, was already running a lean operation and needed to trim additional costs any way it could.

The three-person company had been using NetSuite for financial management and order processing. But as company Vice President, Maureen Hosey explains, the rising costs of the NetSuite subscription were too much for the shrinking company to bear. “Basically, they just got too expensive,” says Hosey. “When we first came on board, the NetSuite package was discounted enough that we could afford it. But the discounts were less and less each year, until we were finally priced out.”

Hosey set out to find a new financial management solution that could assist with order processing and fulfillment, generate invoices, calculate artists’ commissions, and manage inventory at the company’s physical warehouse location. She evaluated several alternatives before settling on Microsoft Dynamics GP, hosted by Microsoft partner NextCorp.

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