Vendors, Payables, and Checks Dynamics GP

Step 4: Vendors, Payables, and Checks Dynamics GP

In this section we’ll cover the following:

    • Add Vendor
    • Enter Vendor Invoices
    • Create Check Batch
    • Print Checks


Entering vendors into Dynamics GP is easy to do. Generally all you need to complete a vendor master file record is a Vendor ID, Name, and Primary Address ID. The other fields are available to record additional information as you may need to operate your organization. Navigate to the Vendor

Maintenance screen: Cards >> Purchasing >> Vendor.

To enter vendors do the following:

Enter a Vendor ID. The Vendor ID field is an alpha-numeric field with a 15 character maximum. Usually a company will identify a naming convention that will be used to define new Vendor ID’s. The example in the screen below uses a naming convention that is the first eight letters of the vendor’s name, plus a four digit number. The four digit number is used to allow for duplicates that might result from more than one vendor having the same first eight letters in their names.

Enter the Name of the vendor.

Enter a Primary Address ID. This is merely a “name” for the particular address. Examples would be: HEADQUARTERS, RECEIVING, DALLAS, NYSALES, etc. A vendor may have an unlimited number of addresses entered in to Dynamics GP.

My advice is to also assign each vendor to a Class ID. When you do this, the new vendor record you’re creating will be populated with default values from the Class ID. This will speed up data entry. The default values can always be overwritten for any specific vendor if necessary. Add additional information to the vendor record as required by your organization’s business rules.

Download the document to learn more about Vendors, Payables, and Checks Dynamics GP.

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