Using Dynamics GP SmartLists – Step 7

In this section we’ll get you started on using Dynamics GP SmartLists including:

Standard Reports

Modifying Reports

Exporting to Excel and Word

Dynamics GP includes an ad-hoc report writer that lets you easily report on data in GP. It also allows you to easily modify the information presented, and move the data to Excel with one click.

There are dozens of standard reports that come with Dynamics GP out-of-the-box. But the real power of SmartLists is that you can easily modify them to get just the information you want.

To access SmartLists navigate to: Microsoft Dynamics GP >> SmartList

Navigate through the folders on the left to find the SmartList you’re interested in, and select it.

You can navigate from this list if you want. Highlight a record and the select options from the GoTo button.

To add a field to an existing SmartList, click on Columns to open up the Change Column Display screen. Select the field you want to add from the Columns screen, and click OK.

If you want, you can change the order of the fields by using the Move buttons on the right side of the Change Column Display screen.

You can specify selection criteria to just get the information you want by clicking on Search and completing the search criteria.

Download the document to learn more about using Dynamics GP SmartLists.

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