Using Dynamics GP SmartList Builder

Certainly by now you’ve started to see the power of the SmartList reports that come standard with Dynamics GP. They provide such easy access to your business data.  But are you using Dynamics GP Smartlist Builder?

SmartList Builder allows you to extend the reach of the standard SmartList reports by allowing you to create your own SmartLists that have all of the functionality of the standard reports. The reason this is important is because there is some data and combinations of data that are not included with SmartLists.

If you are using the Manufacturing modules or the Project Accounting modules in Dynamics GP, you are definitely going to want to become familiar with SmartList Builder. Or maybe you have some other combinations of data that you want to retrieve. For example, perhaps you want to associate a  specific customer with a specific fixed asset, if you have equipment out in the field, with your customers. This is data from two different areas in Dynamics GP for which there is no standard reporting. But with SmartList Builder, you will be able to quickly and easily create a set of reports to capture this information.

There are basically two steps in creating your own SmartLists with SmartList Builder:

  • Determine which data you want and in which Dynamics GP tables the data is stored
  • Create the SmartList, join multiple tables if necessary, and determine the default fields

To learn more about using Dynamics GP SmartList Builder download the document.

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