Take the burden out of Franchise Compliance

As a franchising organization recent years have brought a lot of disruptive change and with new regulations being enforced all the time, compliance management has become a full-time job in many industries. Whether it’s FDA regulations, HIPAA rules or corporate brand requirements, every manufacturer needs reliable data systems that will support you compliance needs today and offer the flexibility to adapt as regulations change in the years to come.

Accountability and oversight

With myGPcloud, you get a set of financial management tools of Microsoft Dynamics GP plus the security and compliance backstops to help you meet regulatory requirements, including account level security, sophisticated tracking and audit trails and automated workflows. With role based access restriction myGPcloud helps you to clearly separate duties concerning sensitive data and processes to reduce the risk of fraud and protect your company from internal risk.

Take Your Business to the Cloud and Stay Compliant

myGPcloud is uniquely positioned to serve the compliance needs of a franchises and the needs of publicly traded companies.  With workflow backstops to help you comply with your franchise partner’s requirements and a support team experienced in auditing and regulatory compliance, myGPcloud is also dedicated to providing industry leading security.

  • System hosted in two separate tier-one SSAE 16 datacenters.
  • An operations team that monitors and manages the system 24x7x365.
  • Guaranteed 99.5% or greater system availability.
  • High availability and failover capabilities.
  • Data backed up and stored in multiple geographic locations.
  • Secure socket layer (SSL) to ensure secure end to end communications.
  • Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Compliance
  • Learn more by downloading the document above.

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