Take the Burden out of Business Intelligence for Franchises

If you had unlimited resources than you would have a personal technology advisor for each person on your team, but for most franchise operators there is not much room in the budget for high IT overhead.  As a result franchise operations rely heavily on the spreadsheets and entry-level accounting software.  And getting reports and data in a format they can use is no simple proposition.

With a cloud business solution from myGPcloud, you give your employees self-service business intelligence with better access to real-time information, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Business insight without administration nightmares

Just imagine if all your employees could obtain reliable information and act on the insight from anywhere or make on the spot business decisions based on accurate data ‒all without ongoing IT administration. Your thinly resourced IT team could focus on what’s next for your business instead of managing data requests and troubleshooting.

The business analytics and reporting capabilities you get from Microsoft Dynamics for franchises aren’t just for companies with more market share, they’re for you ‒ no matter what stage your business is in. More importantly, they’re for your people ‒ connecting them with each other and to the exact information they need to be most effective.

See company performance more clearly, and free your time by sharing the right information with everyone that needs it instead of over and over again in ad hoc requests. You and your team will have a wealth of business intelligence ‒ presented through insightful, easy-to-act-upon dashboards and reports ‒ and you’ll be equipped to outperform your competition.

The reporting and analytics tools within Microsoft Dynamics for franchises are delivered through high-impact reports, charts and simple analysis designed to be easy, usable and accessible where and when your people need it most. You don’t have to be an analytics power user or software developer to get the information you need.

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