Setup Sales Orders, Invoices and Returns in Dynamics GP

Step 9: Learn to setup Sales Orders, Invoices and Returns in Dynamics GP. In this section we’ll cover the following:

  • Order Entry
  • Document Transfer & Shipping
  • Returns Processing
  • Sales Inquiry

Dynamics GP includes a very useful Sales Transaction Entry screen. The Sales Transaction Entry screen can be used to enter, view, edit and process various transactions types; including quotes, orders, invoices, and returns.

Sales Orders

Navigate to the Sales Transaction Entry screen: Transactions >> Sales >> Sales Transaction Entry

To enter an order, select Order from the Type drop down list.

Select the Ship To Address as the default address. Enter or look up a Batch ID.


Once you’ve entered the Customer ID, you can click on the blue expansion arrow to the right of the Customer ID to pop up the Sales Customer Detail Entry screen. In this screen you can override the default values for a specific order if you want.

Along the bottom are several buttons you can click on to provide additional information about the customer. The Payments button pops up the Customer Payment Summary Inquiry screen that provides current credit information about the client.

Down load the document to learn more about setting up sales orders, invoices and returns in Dynamics GP.

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