Retail Management Software Whitepaper : Customer Relationships

CUSTOMER LOYALTY AND SHARE OF WALLET DEPEND ON MORE THAN PRICE AND AVAILABILITY.  See how in this retail management software whitepaper.

Consumers increasingly are taking control of the retail environment. A major contributor to this development is today’s pervasive digital technology that makes it easy to gather information and shop anytime from anywhere. No longer can retailers count on product availability and attractive pricing to win and keep customers. Instead, digitally literate, time-starved, value-driven consumers insist on a complete shopping experience—a connected experience—convenient, personalized, available in the store, by telephone or online. And this experience must feel the same regardless of channel; service levels that vary by channel can leave a bad impression with shoppers.

For the retailer, the goal is to convert the connected shopping experience into a connected customer relationship that will withstand changing economic conditions and consumer tastes. A connected customer relationship creates opportunities for you to differentiate your brand, build loyalty among your customers, and increase your share of wallet. But consumers are ever less tolerant of slips: they are willing to “vote with their feet” if their latest experience with your brand was unsatisfactory, or if they discover negative online reviews posted by other shoppers.


Recent experience has identified three important technology factors to consider in building or enhancing connected customer relationships:

To learn more about how you can benefit from retail management software see the entire whitepaper.

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