Reporting in Dynamics GP – SmartList

Reporting and business intelligence functionality are the most valuable part of a system.  Storing and collecting data is great, but not if there is not access to the required formats for data.  Reporting in Dynamics GP seems to improve with each new versions release.  Dynamics GP 2010 even lets you use word template invoices etc.

There are other reporting sources to checkout besides the standard reports in in Reporter Writer.  SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for example or Crystal Reports (check out Victoria Yudin, the queen of Crystal).  If you decide to go with the myGPcloud version that includes SmartList Builder, you can also do an unlimited number of queries directly to the SQL tables.

If you have never hear of any of these reporting tools I’d suggest staying with the default reports until a need arises.

**Note – Default reports can be modified using the Report Writer tool to add many fields that are desired but not on the report out of the box. Send any report to the screen then press the modify button and it will go to the Report Writer tool. (Much cussing and swearing has come from this tool. Use it with caution and do a backup before messing with any report in question). MyGPcloud has a nightly backup run on the modified reports file so contact the support line if a restore is needed.

Follow the link to get the full article on Reporting in Dynamics GP.

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