Use SmartList in Dynamics GP

Certainly by now you’ve started to see the power of the SmartList reports that come standard with Dynamics GP. They provide such easy access to your business data.  SmartList is one of the most popular 3rd party solutions for Dynamics GP because it efficiently integrates with Microsoft Excel, and for a lot of other good reasons too.  So how do you use SmartList in Dynamics GP?

As I’m introducing Smartlist to clients I usually get a whole bunch of oooo’s and ahhh’s, at least from accountants. If I show Smartlist to my accounting students they usually say “so, shouldn’t it do that anyways”. (Punk kids…they take all technology for granted).

Your may have learned by now how to change, modify and add search criteria etc. in Dynamics GP, but learning how to use SmartList in Dynamics GP is an improtant step not be overlooke.  Once you have a developed SmartList you can click the little Excel button and it shoots all the data in the list to Excel.

Needles to say SmartList delivers a number of ways you can save time and money.  Learn more about how it works by following the link to see an introduction on how to use SmartList in Dynamics GP

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