Is your Manufacturing Operation Ready for ERP? | Focus Research Whitepaper

The manufacturing industry is becoming more complex and even small and new operations need sophisticated data and financial management to be successful and maintain compliance.  As these operations grow it becomes increasingly difficult to drive and sustain this growth.  Manufacturers need an effective, scalable technology system to manage their business, but with limited resources and time, many new and growing manufacturers are not in a position to implement an on premise enterprise resource planning solution as they prepare to begin production or move up to the next level of production.

When manufacturing operations grow production, they face new challenges to the capital structure, supply chain and inventory, staffing, marketing and even technology infrastructure. While the smallest organization may be able to run with nothing but spreadsheets or entry-level accounting software, growing enterprises will want to adopt new technologies that are better suited to remove inefficiencies, bottlenecks and redundant processes.  When technology and accounting are automated and streamlined, manufacturers have more time to focus on production, sales, and innovation. When manufacturers are looking at the next stage of growth, they are likely considering whether or not they should implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system.

This white paper examines four key questions:

  • How do we know we need a new ERP system?
  • What delivery models are available for ERP software today?
  • What are most important factors to consider in a modern ERP selection?
  • What are the potential benefits to accrue to our firm with the new solution?

Is your Manufacturing Operation ready for ERP in the cloud?

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