Is your Franchise Operation Ready for ERP? | Focus Research Whitepaper

As a franchise operator, you know the world in which you do business is growing in complexity every day.  Whether you are operating a single professional services franchise like name brand insurance or managing multiple retail locations, you need sophisticated data analytics and financial management in order to maintain you competitive edge and compliance.  The more you grow the more difficult it becomes to continue to keep margins low and profits high.  With limited resources and time, implementing an on-premises enterprise resource planning solution might not be in the budget, but there are options available to get up and running on an enterprise solution without the cost and time of traditional methods of deployment.

As franchise operators grow they face new challenges and suddenly financial management, HR, payroll and reporting become a critical drain on time and resources.  While very small operations can get by using spreadsheets and entry-level accounting software, growing businesses need to adopt more sophisticated technology to eliminate redundant processes, manual data-entry and improve efficiency.  With automated accounting and human resources, payroll, analytics and reporting across locations and entities, myGPcloud can help you continue to grow in and improve profitability

This white paper examines four key questions:

  • How do we know we need a new ERP system?
  • What delivery models are available for ERP software today?
  • What are most important factors to consider in a modern ERP selection?
  • What are the potential benefits to accrue to our firm with the new solution?

Is your Franchise Operation ready for ERP in the cloud?

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