From Good Life Sciences Business to Great Life Sciences Business | Infographic

Whether you are the CFO  of a large life sciences organization or the owner of start-up wearing multiple hats, myGPcloud has the accounting, reporting and business intelligence tools to help you go from good life sciences business to great life sciences business.    The following infographic offers 10 ways to make your business grow with Microsoft Dynamics on-demand in the cloud, with myGPcloud support for the compliance and security needs of life sciences organizations.

Build closer customer connections, respond to rapid-fire change and inspire creativity from your people with a business solution from myGPcloud.

1. Make more informed decisions

Turn information into opportunity with simple, powerful financial management and reporting tools that help you uncover trends, increase investor interest and focus on the future of your business.

2. Put your money to better use

In a business where so much time lies between the day a project begins to the day distribution gets underway and the cash starts coming in, life sciences organizations need to take control of cash flow with tools to reduce outstanding receivables, simplify collections and confidently predict your balances for future investment and growth.

3.Keep your people happy

Your business depends on the people who help you run it. Give them the tools they want to use, on the devices they enjoy, in the location that makes them the most productive and watch your business thrive.

4.Reduce your risk

Whether it’s tracking audit trails, supporting regulatory mandates or meeting local tax requirements, Microsoft Dynamics from myGPcloud helps reduce the time and expenses associated with compliance.

5. Focus on what matters most

Shave hours and even days off of routine tasks like order entry and month end-close with role-based dashboards and automated workflows that free up time for your people to focus on your customers and new business opportunities.

Learn more about how essential software for businesses, get the infographic.

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