Fixed Fee Project Accounting in Dynamics GP on myGPcloud

Fixed fee projects can easily be accounted for in Dynamics GP Project Accounting. You can track all costs in various cost categories/tasks and then turn around and bill your customers on a periodic basis. The fixed fee Project Accounting module will calculate % complete and will make the necessary journal entries to properly reflect project status in your financial statements.

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics GP comes as a comprehensive business management and accounting solution that delivers control and insight over what’s happening in you business.Get out of box in-depth operations management and financial management, human resource management and manufacturing.  With Dynamics GP you get real business value and the scalability to grow with your business.

myGPcloud allows prospective users are able to access a 30 day free trial of Microsoft Dynamics GP online accounting software to help make ERP software selection process easier. With myGPcloud, Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP is just a few mouse clicks away, with all the core financial functionality you expect, plus more.  If your organization has started the process for selecting new ERP software, start a Dynamics GP demo today and discover the Dynamics Difference first hand.

Learn more about the Fixed Fee Project Accounting functionality built into Microsoft Dynamics GP in the video.

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