Dynamics GP Vendor Setup, AP and Check Writing

Step 4 – Dynamics GP Vendor Setup, AP and Check Writing

With Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud setup is incredibly fast.  Because we are uniquely positioned to offer cloud hosted on demand Dynamics GP, we are able to get your system up and running in no time at all.  Think of what the normal process for getting Dynamics GP up and going is.

  1. Identify several partners
  2. On-site visits by Partners or at a minimum several phone calls – Sales team and solution consultants dance around doing magic show, card tricks, and flashy demos. Discuss how Partner is the best fit for them, etc.
  3. Get a quote from at least three partners (sometimes competing products as well)
  4. Sign off on quote and sign Master Service Agreement (MSA)
  5. Partner orders reg keys from MBS, etc.
  6. Schedule on-site visit with consulting team to plan implementation
  7. Consultant comes out to install Server and all workstations
  8. Commence implementation and training

Some variation of the above can take weeks if not months. The absolute fastest I’ve heard a deal closed and implementation started is in a week. With myGPcloud you skip 6 or 7 of the above steps. Implementation planning and execution is still a huge step but the sales process is now a fraction of it used to be. And you can have Dynamics GP installed, reg keys entered, users setup, basic setup done within an hour.

Follow the web link to get in depth instructions on the on setting up Dynamics GP Vendor Setup, AP and check writing.


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