Dynamics GP Inventory and Purchasing Setup

Dynamics GP inventory and purchasing setup in is critical to future usage of the system.  Luckily with myGPcloud setting up these modules is not overly complicated.  However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind during the process.  It doesn’t matter if the company has inventory in a warehouse or a listed of service items billed to the clients, the step is very important.

Inventory setup

I don’t see anything regarding this. Maybe this will come with version 2 but you really should do some thinking here. Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Inventory>>Inventory Control.

This is where the default decimal places and segment ID for site need to be identified.  When you chose a segment ID for site that segment is pretty much set in stone and you are stuck with it.  This will be used to link posting account defaults across different sites.

Unit of Measure

Something to mention is that the setups done in inventory are difficult to change to say the least. It is important to think the setup all the way through.  How do you think the business will want to do things in the future?  Another thing you might encounter problems with in Dynamics GP is that the Unit of Measure is case sensitive.  Making it all lowercase to start so you don’t have to caps everytime.

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