Dynamics GP Inventory and Purchase Orders Setup

Step 5: Dynamics GP Inventory and Purchase Orders setup

In this section we’ll cover the following:


  • Units of Measure
  • Inventory Sites
  • Item Class Setup
  • Items

Purchase Orders

  • Entering Purchase Orders
  • Receiving Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing Purchase Orders

The Inventory Control and Purchase Order Processing modules will allow you to define your inventory items, set pricing, track quantities, take cycle counts, create purchase orders, and receive and invoice purchased items.


You should do these setup tasks to get started with inventory:

1. Set up one or more Unit of Measure schedules

2. Set up one or more inventory sites

3. Set up one or more Class ID’s


1. Navigate to the Unit of Measure Schedule Setup screen: Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Inventory >> Unit of Measure Schedule.

Enter a U of M Schedule ID and Description.

Specify the Quantity Decimal Places. You can specify 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. This is an important value because all quantities for an item will use this value to store and display quantity information. If you want to account for fractional units, don’t specify a quantity decimal of 0.

You can define unit equivalencies if you want. The Base U of M is the unit of measure that is used to track the inventory in Dynamics GP. You can have several U of M schedules, but any specific item can only have one U of M schedule, and the Quantity Decimal Places must match.

Learn more about Dynamics GP Inventory and Purchase Orders Setup by downloading the document.

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