Dynamics GP Efficiency Setup | Streamlining navigation and using shortcuts

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a highly efficient and fun-to-use management package, but with little setup in the beginning you can improve navigation and use shortcuts to fit your own unique needs.  In this step we you learn how to do an Dynamics GP efficiency setup.

If you are an old school Dynamics user you are still using palettes and navigating by saying “go to Cards>>financial>>checkbook”.  This is still an easy enough way to get  people where they need to go, but Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money making the system easy to use.  So, let’s see if we can change those inefficient, archaic ways by using this setup step.

Step 2 – Dynamics GP Efficiency Setup Making it easy, quick, and personal


Having all the pallettes available on one page is very convenient.  The documentation offers up a nice a overview of how to navigate through the system, and the area pages as a way to navigate are a great idea.

Side note- Many of the “old school” people out there might be reluctant to use the area page and continue using the palettes. But the area pages can really make like easy.  Trying to retrain the ingrained “Transactions>>payables>>transaction entry” clicking is sometimes a lost cause.

Follow the link to learn more about Dynamics GP Efficiency Setup

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