Dynamics GP AP and AR Setup

Dynamics GP AP and AR setup is pretty straight forward. We will skip the company and general ledger setup as those don’t really require much setup, but it would still be a good idea to look at Tools>>setup>>company>>company and Tools>>Setup>>Financial>>General.

The setup guide tells you, you can have as many as seven periods but make a note that the trial balance is 4 periods by default, so start modifying the trial balance if you want any other periods you create to be visible there. This is a shortcoming of the system. If you really don’t need the aging periods I would leave the number of aging buckets the same.

The check mark on Previously Applied Documents on Remittance often causes issues. Un-checking  that box will take off previously applied credit memos from your check stub.

With myGPcloud’s Dynamics GP AP and AR setup, you can move forward with confidence knowing that myGPcloud sticks to the highest standards of security.

It is a good idea to setup the vendor class.  This will allow you to more quickly add vendors and will make reporting on classes a little simpler.  Try starting with at least one vendor class called “Defalut”.

To learn more about Dynamics GP AP and AR setup follow the link.

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