Cloud Choice ERP Infographic

The cloud choice is a sure bet.  Start with what you need today and add what you need later – whether it’s in the cloud or on your servers. A business solution from Microsoft gives you flexibility and choice now and as your business needs change.

  • Business Your Way
  • Embrace changing IT priorities
  • Prepare for growth
  • Increase service options
  • Control cost structures
  • Support workforce requirements

Planning for your future shouldn’t be taken lightly. As your business grows you will want a business

management solution that provides flexibility and choice to support your changing needs. For example:

Sources: Information Week Reports: Outlook 2013 by Mike Healy, Edge Strategies survey commissioned by Microsoft Corp., “SMB Business in the Cloud 2012”, How the Cloud Looks from the Top: Achieving Competitive Advantage In the Age of Cloud Computing. A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report Cloud : Adjust user counts to respond to seasonal or project requirements and provide easy access to employees growing new regions.

  • Lets us experiment more easily and at low cost
  • Enables deeper collaboration with business partners
  • Frees up IT resources to work on more strategic things
  • Is a source of competitive advantage for early adopters
  • Why businesses move to the cloud

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