Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials Brochure

People drive business success, Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials can help

It’s your people who drive results, regardless of your industry or the size of your organization. Growth and success depend on providing everyone in your business— the CEO, management and teams, individuals—with ready access to the systems, information, and tools they need to work at peak performance.

But you know that. And we know it, because we’ve worked directly with our customers to design Microsoft Dynamics® GP, a solution that bridges the gap between business process automation and the way people really work.

For growing organizations, Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers a solution built for rapid installation, data migration, and ease of use, packaged and priced for companies on a growth path. Designed to help people accomplish more from the start, Microsoft Dynamics GP works like and with the familiar Microsoft® Office system and utilizes proven Microsoft technologies to connect information, processes, and reporting capabilities across your entire business. And as your organization changes and grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a cost-effective path for adding functionality and users.

Count on smooth installation, fast setup and rapid migration of your existing data. Built-in tools help you get your solution up and running quickly, including a Rapid Configuration tool that allows you to streamline your deployment by selecting or customizing a preconfigured, industry-standard setup. Our data migration tools help you quickly migrate your existing data, allowing you to start from day one with your information intact.

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