5 Common Pains Caused by Outgrowing QuickBooks – eBook

QuickBooks not working how you need it to work?

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eBook Outgrown QuickBooks
For more than 3 million users, Intuit QuickBooks has become the go-to accounting system.  With it’s easy-to-learn functionality it is no surprise that QuickBooks is a favorite quick fix among start-ups and small organizations.  However, as a business grows or prepares to go public, the company’s QuickBooks system will be stretched beyond its capabilities.

This eBook will help you determine whether or not your company is outgrowing QuickBooks, by highlighting the top five growing pains companies like yours start to feel when they get too big for their basic accounting solution.  We will also draw on the experience of other small and mid-size businesses that have realized the benefits of switching from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Are you feeling any of the top five growing Pains QuickBooks users have in common?


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