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Connect Your People to the Information They Need

Connect your people to the information they need using Microsoft Dynamics GP from myGPcloud with insightful analytics and inspiring collaboration an small business payroll tools.

Growing the Business without Growing SMB Payroll

You work hard to grow your business, so it would be nice to see profits grow with it. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Watching all your cash go toward larger and larger payroll costs is more than a little frustrating. So, is it even possible to grow sales with the same team you have in […]

Microsoft Cloud Solution in Action Video

With a Microsoft Cloud solution even the smallest businesses can operate with enterprise level technology and gain a significant advantage over competitors.

Best ways to Grow Your Business

This infographic offers illustrated ideas for the best ways to grow your business and includes statistics and graphs.

From a Good Franchise Business to a Great One | Infographic

Turn you good franchise business into a great one with myGPcloud and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Take the Burden out of Business Intelligence for Franchises

Analytics tools from myGPcloud for franchises are delivered through high-impact reports, charts and simple analysis taking the burden out of BI.

Cloud Choice Infographic – Cloud Solution for Franchises

Download the infographic to learn more about how a cloud solution for franchisees is a great choice

Connect Franchise Employees and Locations to the Info they Need

A franchise business solution from Microsoft extends the reach of information and connects your employees to keep them productive wherever they work.

Take the burden out of Franchise Compliance

With workflow backstops to help you comply with your franchise partner’s requirements a myGPcloud is also dedicated to providing industry leading security.

Turn Franchise Data into Insight

5 ways you can use myGPcloud data to gain valuable insight to drive valuable business decisions. Now that’s how you turn franchise data into insight.

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