myGPcloud is Partner Friendly!

If you are a Microsoft Partner or a Dynamics Partner, we would love to team up with you. myGPcloud believes its success rests upon the Microsoft brand and its partner community. If you have an opportunity that you would like assistance with please connect with us at myGPcloud offers commissions for registered customers.

myGPcloud Partner Brochure!

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How does our Partnership program work?

Partners with opportunities should register their leads within 30 days of the prospect/customer procuring myGPcloud. Registering a lead will earn the partner a 10% – 15% commission depending on the number of customers registered and using myGPcloud. Commissions are paid monthly or quarterly (depending on volume) and are eligible for the first 12 months of customer subscription. Once the customer begins using myGPcloud they will be asked for the referring Partner’s name and location. A current W-9 for the partner organization must be on file for commissions to be paid. Dynamics Partners must enter their MSPP account number to receive credit for the customer and to officially receive a “customer add”. Customers will be given Customer Source access by myGPcloud.

Partners cannot procure myGPcloud on behalf of a prospect or customer. The customer must agree to the User License Agreement. At least one user needs to be identified to complete the procurement process. This initial user, must be the customer. Additional names (users) may be added during the procurement process, of which a partner may be included in this list. Additional user names may be added once the instance of myGPcloud is secured for the company. For more information please refer to our Partner FAQ.

Register a Lead Today

Register your prospect lead today and be eligible for commissions!!! There is no limit on the number of leads registered.

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