QuickBooks Limited Support for Security and Compliance

Quickbooks Compliance 2

Before your organization had a true accounting department, a full enterprise resource planning solution would have been overkill.  QuickBooks is designed for entrepreneurs that have a limited accounting background so it was the best choice for your entry-level accounting software, but after a couple of years of growth the organization’s financials have become more complex with multiple users accessing the system.  Suddenly your organization is at risk due to a need for improved security, more audit controls and regulatory compliance.

QuickBooks Security and Compliance pains myGPcloud Security and Compliance
  • Lacks adequate user access restrictions
  • Lacks in depth audit trails
  • Lacks support for compliance and security
  • Lacks guarantied data back-ups
  • Two separate tier-one SSAE 16 datacenters and automatic backups.
  • Guaranteed 99.5% or greater system availability.
  • High availability and failover capabilities.
  • Secure socket layer (SSL) to ensure secure end to end communications

As an organizational leader you know that the data driven world in which you do business demands high standards of security.    The ability to create role-based user access as well as department-based user access would support improved security and better audit trails.  You need to be able to add some users with full access and others with read-only access to ensure that the proper controls are in place, but now you’ve gone beyond what QuickBooks was designed to do.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP supports multiple users with different permissions and role tailored dashboards for improved accountability and reliable audit trails.  Full detailed audit reports give you confidence your company is SSAE 16 and SOX compliant across the entire organization.  Plus with a dedicated compliance and security team, myGPcloud is uniquely positioned to serve publicly traded companies and heavily regulated industries.

Get the eBook to learn about top five QuickBooks Pains:

  1. Limited Reporting Capabilities
  2. Limited Scalability
  3. Limited Support for Security and Compliance
  4. Limited Functionality
  5. Limited Cloud Access

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