QuickBooks Limited Scalability

Quickbooks Scalability 2Over time your organization has grown in scope and complexity with a bigger staff, new lines of business and new partners.  Company data has grown exponentially, but QuickBooks limited scalability does not leave room to grow with it.  The solution bogged down around 150MB and you hit that mark a long time ago.   You are growing your staff but QuickBooks limited scalability restricts you to just 30 users, and performance suffers with each additional person you add.

QuickBooks Scalability Pains  Microsoft Dynamics® GP Scalability
  • Lacks ability to add more than 30 users
  • Lacks performance beyond a 150MB file size.
  • Lacks ability to track separate entities well when you need to add additional stores, warehouses or plants.
  • Flexible Cloud Deployment and automatic updates to latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Unlimited users
  • Five-gig data storage
  • Multi-entity tracking

So far, you have been able to get by running multiple instances of QuickBooks and by creating a patchwork out of bolt-on 3rd party solutions and Excel spreadsheets to fill in the gaps.  But countless hours wasted rekeying data into multiple systems costs money and increases the risk for error.

Now that you have grown you have multiple entities to track or maybe you’ve added additional sites in widespread locations.  You need a scalable solution that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the organization across entities, departments and locations with real time business intelligence, giving you new confidence in your IT systems.

myGPcloud delivers all of the out of box functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP™ with unlimited user access, 5 gigs of included data backup more than 300 standard reports.  Because of Dynamics GP’s unmatched flexibility, it is the ideal solution for growing businesses.  And because myGPcloud is a hosted on-demand solution, it is easily scalable and much more flexible than an on premise solution.  Now your team can stop wasting time on redundant processes and start innovating for the future.

QuickBooks Pains:

  1. Limited Reporting Capabilities
  2. Limited Scalability
  3. Limited Support for Security and Compliance
  4. Limited Functionality
  5. Limited Cloud Access

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