myGPcloud 2013 New Features


myGPcloud Dynamics GP 2013 New Features

This video is an overview of the new Dynamics GP 2013 release of myGPcloud, showcasing the new GP Web Client and feature enhancements. The Web Client is an alternative way to access your data if you do not want to continue to use the Windows Terminal Server Client. In this video we cover the following:

  • Signing on via the web interface
  • Customizing the Homepage
  • New Changes with SmartLists
  • Saving to your C Drive when using the web client
  • Windows Client vs the Web Client
  • Helpful resources within Dynamics GP 2013
  • Quick look at new features in Dynamics GP

myGPcloud Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 Help Document

To help you adjust to the new interface and feature enhancements in Dynamics GP 2013, we have also prepared a myGPcloud Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 help document complete with how to steps, screenshots, specifics on new features, help resources and the FAQs listed below.

Click the image below to download the upgrade document or click here.


Upgrade Process, What to Expect and other FAQ’s

How do I schedule an upgrade? The myGPcloud team will be contacting you over the next 30 days to schedule your upgrade. All upgrades will be completed by 12/31/2014 so as to have all users on the platform.

Do I have to upgrade? All myGPcloud customers will be required to upgrade but a schedule will be put in place so users can prepare for the update.

Does it cost anything to upgrade to GP 2013? The cost of the data migration to the newest version is included in the monthly hosting fee. Any reports modification or additional training on new features are the responsibility of the client.

How long does the upgrade take? Most upgrades will be completed in a few hours. Customers with multiple companies will take longer.  Those updates may happen over a weekend but you will be notified of the timing.

What is the downtime? Our team will try to minimize the downtime as much as possible to prevent disruption to your day, however most upgrades will happen during normal businesshours so please anticipate some downtime.

Will all of my current modules transition to GP 2013? There have been some changes with licening with regards to Integration Manager and Smart List Builder. If you are using these products, our team will reach out to you to help determine the best transition plan for you.

Will I be required to use the Web Client? No, we are not forcing clients to use the web client, however incentives will be offered for those customer who make the transition to the web client.

Does the Web Client have the same functionality as the installed rich client? The web client is very robust and has most of the functionality as the rich client. Navigation is somewhat different but the Web Client is a great alternative to full client.

If I use Manufacturing or Project can I use the Web Client? Yes, these modules are supported with the Web Client.

Will my per user costs be effected with the new GP 2013 software? No, all costs will remain the same for users. Customers currently using Integration Manager and Smart List Builder will be allowed to use these licenses for a period of time before transitioning to a new licensing module for those modules.   Limited licenses will also be made available and some customer may find savings by using a limited user license.

What is the difference between myGPcloud and myGPcloud Pro? myGPcloud is a straight out of the box Dynamics GP system. There are several different configurations that users can choose from including distribution, manufacturing, project and financial based modules. myGPcloud Pro can be configured to meet any needs including third party products, customizations, and integrations with outside systems.

What if myGPcloud Pro is a better option for me.  Can I transition to that? The myGPcloud team will review each customer and make suggestions where myGPcloud Pro option may be better suited.

What is new with the GP 2013 system? You can download the official documentation at this link:

What if I need more training on GP 2013 features, how do I go about getting that? The myGPcloud team can connect you with Dynamics GP partners in your area or who have expertise in the area you would further like training.

Is there a Web Client option for Management Reporter? No, MR is a separate application that needs to be accessed via the terminal server.

What happens to all my MR reports? The MR reports will stay the same and you will access them the same way as in the past.

How do I use Integration Manager? Integration Manager needs to be accessed via the terminal server as there is no current option to use it with the Web Client.

How do I access the X and Y drive? These drives need to be added with the rich client to the shortcuts menu.

Do I need Microsoft Office installed on my workstation to use the Web Client? The Web Client uses the local workstations Office license.

How does Smartlist work with the Web Client? When downloading Smartlists (Administration>>Reports>>Smartlist) to Excel, the system will prompt the user to identify where the report is to be saved on the local workstation. After the Excel file is saved to the users workstation the file will be opened and can be manipulated using the local workstations Excel program.

How can I add more users to my system? The administrator can add users by logging into myGPcloud and choosing the management option.

How do I access the GP Web Client? You will be directed to a secure website where user ID and password credentials are entered. Logging in is an easy one step process.

Can I use the Web Client with a Mac? Yes, we find using Firefox with Silverlight components installed works well in a Mac environment.

What internet browser do I need to use? You can use Internet Explorer and Firefox if Silverlight components are installed. Chrome has Silverlight components already embedded so nothing else is needed.

What if I have trouble logging in? All login and printing support issues should be directed to Any application support questions should be directed to your GP partner.

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