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 gears Is your prospect ready for the first step towards an Enterprise Resource Planning System?
As pains of economic downturn dissipate there are more and more small and mid-size businesses looking to give their information technology systems a makeover.  You know that Microsoft Dynamics is the logical choice for many small businesses moving off QuickBooks and other entry level accounting systems, but implementing a total ERP system today may not be practical.  Partnering with myGPcloud gives you the ability to offer new prospects the power of a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System without the capital expenditure.
 locations Does your prospect want to skip QuickBooks or other entry-level accounting?
Often start-ups will head straight for the simple out of box functionality of a basic accounting solution like QuickBooks to get their financials going.  Early stage companies with large growth plans prefer to skip the intermediary step and jump right into a fully functioning enterprise resource planning solution to avoid a conversion of accounting systems in the future.  myGPcloud provides scalability with modules and unlimited users to accommodate their rapid growth plans.
cloud  Does your prospect need Cloud as a first step but with the power of choice down the road?
For new organizations, establishing a foothold in the market is the top priority and getting their business technology solution off the ground quickly is critical to their success.  You know that a cloud deployment is the right answer for your prospect in the short-term, but you want to provide them with the flexibility to move on premise if they chose.  myGPcloud provides a no-risk option which will take the question off the table.  Since there are no annual contracts to sign and the service is month – to- month, you can focus on your implementation and consulting services while you support the growth of your clients business.  myGPcloud helps you get them up and running, then supports migration to traditional in-house systems as your client’s business expands in the coming months and years.

Your consulting practice is your money maker, but these days everybody is talking about the power of Cloud.  Partnering with myGPcloud allows you to extend a cloud offering to your prospects and existing clients without shifting your focus away from the lifeblood of your practice, and myGPcloud is ready to support migration to on-premise systems so you are in a position to grow your consulting practice as your cloud clients’ needs change.  And because myGPcloud is supported by RoseASP, you get the full power of a leading Cloud Partner in the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

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