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 chart of accounts Inefficient processes hurting profitability? 
Providing value to clients is what you do, so spendign time setting up accounting systems for each client is not the best use of your time.  myGPcloud’s web based accounting for CPAs streamlines this process with well organized industry specific charts of accounts that map to extensively written financials statements.  Create additional companies by copying over setups, charts and reports. myGPcloud delivers a single or multi-company databases where you can decide how you want to organize your clients data.  Use our latest financial reporting tools to produce in-depth financial data to your clients.
 reporting Need flexibility in managing data?
Keying data into an accounting system is not how you provide client value.  Use our integration tools to bring into data from multiple sources with data validation integrity.  Now transform this data into something you can easily put your fingers on.  With integration to Microsoft Excel, every piece of data can be exported to manipulate as you need without the need for custom reports or programming. Or simply email reports or data to the client for review with our many predefined SmartLists.
 currency Are Consolidations or Multi-currency costing you time?
If your clients are enlisting you to do the heavy reporting, then you need a tool that will help you do this quickly and easily.  myGPcloud  financial reporting module will allow you to quickly consolidate (or roll up partial) entities.  Management Reporter supports simple and complex rollups for businesses like franchises and restaurant chains to more complex advanced global financial consolidations with multi-currency requirements.  Financial reporting in myGPcloud complies with GAAP, Financial Accounting Standards (FAS) Statement 52 Foreign Currency Translations and FAS 141R.

client care
Technology not driving client care?
Client trust is a top priority and you want a technology solution to support it.  Connect better with collaboration tools and insight that gives you the power to provide meaningful financial guidance. myGPcloud is committed to industry leading cloud security standards and specializes in regulated industries and public companies, with internal controls in place to satisfy a number of requirements including SOX and FDA CFR Part 11.

As an accountant you’ve burned your fair share of midnight oil, especially during tax season.  Revolutionize the way you work with user friendly technology that gives you greater efficiency and connects to applications like Microsoft Excel so you have more time to focus on the work that inspires you.   What’s more, myGPcloud is highly scalable so you can add and remove users so you can seamlessly adjust to seasonal changes without unnecessary fees.  myGPcloud gets you up and running in minutes, with simple setup instructions for the fastest time to value and greater return on investment.

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