CIO – Director of IT


 server Legacy Systems not driving profitability?
As an information technology professional your role is changing.  Managing and maintaining internal IT is still important, but now you are in a position to drive initiatives that grow the business and turn technology into dollars.  myGPcloud’s online financial software unites all departments and locations on a single solution, delivering operational efficiency, performance management, supply chain management and advanced analytics to support meaningful business decisions.  And as a Microsoft solution you can guarantee complete integration with latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
 lock Worried about Cloud security?
Keep your organization’s technology secure and stay ahead of changing regulations with myGPcloud.  Remove disparate systems with a single agile solution with built-in user restrictions as wells industry leading backup and recovery processes with two separate highly secure data centers to ensure data integrity and help satisfy a variety of compliance requirements.
 cloud Concerned about implementation failure?
A full enterprise resource planning implementation is out of your budget, but you need a cloud solution that is agile enough to change and prolong obsolescence as much as possible.  Preserve your investment with agile, scalable software from myGPcloud.  Get up and running in minutes and without downtime. With a friendly Microsoft interface, myGPcloud is instantly familiar to your team for faster employee uptake and greater ROI.  And as a full SaaS solution you can rest assured you will be on the latest software releases with the last security patches applies.
connectivity Need mission critical reliability and uptime guarantees?
With your team working from anywhere at anytime, your system has to be available.  You can rely on our 99.9% uptime guarantee as outlined in our User Licensing Agreements.  With 24/7/365 live U.S. support, your team can be assured that the application is up and running and that no maintenance is performed without your prior knowledge.

Your people are mobile but your technology is not.  These are the moments when IT gets to be the hero.  Give your business a hosted solution that inspires them.  One that is accessible on the devices they love from anywhere, at any time, with collaboration tools that bring the team together on a single system of use.  myGPcloud is simple to scale, so you can phase the role out on your time in a way that makes sense for your organization.  Take your business to the cloud and drive meaningful organizational change that turns technology into dollars.

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